Basis for selecting parts in hydraulic system of nail making machine

- Jun 04, 2020-

The nail making machine also uses a hydraulic system, which is used to drive the equipment for efficient nail making operations, so we need to master how the hydraulic system of the nail making machine is designed? Is it the same as the hydraulic system in other devices?

The hydraulic system required in the nail making machine belongs to medium and high pressure systems, and its working pressure should be maintained at 8 to 16 MPa. And most of the nail-making machines abroad adopt logic control, although the effect is good but the price is relatively expensive, which also prompts us to design a hydraulic system that meets the requirements of nail-making as soon as possible.

In order to meet the pressure requirements of the system, after comparing various devices, it was decided to choose a pressure-limiting quantitative vane pump; because there is not much demand for speed changes when making nails, there is no need to use a speed regulating device, but also for economy Consideration; if the electromagnet directional valve is used to control the working oil circuit directly in the hydraulic system, the pressure on the spool will affect the sensitivity of the device, so it will be better to be replaced with an electro-hydraulic directional valve.

By arranging these parts in a reasonable way, you get a compact and easy-to-use hydraulic system for the nail making machine to ensure the normal operation of your nail making machine.

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