Why should you choose our high speed nail making machine?

- Jul 05, 2019-

1. Our high-speed nail making machine has subverted the traditional nail making machine, and the traditional machine redesign has been modified both in structure and principle.

2. The nailing speed is increased to 2-3 times, and the pass rate is 99.99%. In case of long and short nails, the size cap will automatically stop, thus eliminating the problem of a lot of defective nails; more importantly, Since the nailing quality is guaranteed, a nailer can easily operate 3-5 sets, which can automatically finish the wire after a person leaves the machine, which greatly reduces the workload of the inspector (can ignore the inspector) );


3. The same model has the function of playing small cap rolls, paper rows, and blind rivets. It can be said that it is multi-purpose for one machine;

4. Significant savings in tooling losses. Because the knife adopts the principle of cutting without touching, a pair of knives can be used for about three months under normal conditions;


5. The machine is not picky eaters, does not pick the environment (black silk, bright silk can do);

6. The stability of the equipment is extremely high. Some customers can do the equipment for half a year without changing the specifications.


Our machines are sold all over the world. Many customers have purchased the latest high-speed nail making machines from us many times. We have also traveled abroad to help customers install and debug. If you can give me a trust, I will return you. a sincere