Classification of folding machines

- Jan 11, 2019-

Folding machine itself is divided into office folding machine, professional folding machine, and business folding machine, folding machine can also be called Origami machine, widely used in banks, petition office, investigation company and delivery of more letters of the company units, and professional and commercial high-speed automatic folding machine mainly refers to the latter two, installed in the modern printing plant, As the main component of the post-press workshop.

Modern folding machine was born in Europe, the main manufacturers concentrated in Germany, the main manufacturers have Mbo,stahl, MB, H&H, guk and so on, the United States and China also have factory production. Professional and commercial high-speed folding machine speed is generally more than 15000 standard paper per minute, line speed of 180 to 220 meters per minute, the number of folds according to the structure of the machine from 40 percent to 16 percent, the most commonly used is 80 percent pages to 12 percent pages of folding machine. If a book is 32 open, then from the full sheet of paper printed on the print will go through 5 times the direction of different folds to reach this format, and more than 80 percent pages of folding products are generally from advertising, brochures, maps and other special folding products, the smallest drug specification can be folded to 20 mm size, Up to 18 to 20 fold process, need to import advanced folding machine to complete, and can process ultra-thick paper and ultra-thin paper.