Classification of nails

- Feb 06, 2021-

Classification of nails


1.Ordinary round nails: for nailing wood.

2. Nail shooting: machine nails, wood nails (closely arranged like staples, but straight).

3. Floor setting: dedicated for floor.

4. Threaded nails: there are rifle-shaped threads on the surface, but they are not screwed in components, but hammered in, mainly used for packaging boxes and other large wooden structures

5. Collar nails: Mainly used for the surface of fiberboard and gypsum board.

6. Concrete steel nails are used to connect concrete walls, ground and surface materials.

7. Nail shooting: use bullets as power to shoot into concrete walls, or even into cast iron with nails

8. Bubble nails: Decorative nails are used to fasten soft bags, such as sofas, and do drum nails.

9, stapler nail

10. Saddle stitch: (similar to stapler staple) for corrugated cardboard boxes

11. Riding stitch nails: nails for wood and ships

12. Nail: (one end is straight, the other end is 90 degree bent, but both ends are pointed) nails for wooden boats

13. Shoe spikes: the cross section is square