Classification of welding wire

- Jan 14, 2021-

Classification of welding wire

    According to its structure, welding wire can be divided into solid core welding wire and flux cored welding wire.

    Solid-core welding wire is mostly cold drawn steel wire; while flux-cored welding wire is formed by folding a thin steel strip longitudinally and adding powder, and then drawing it. The history of solid-core welding wire is relatively long, and it is currently the main welding wire; the use of flux-cored welding wire is much later than that of solid-core welding wire, but because of its series of advantages, it is more and more used in production.

    Welding wires can be divided into two categories according to their protection methods: one is that the welding wire only serves as a filler metal and conducts electricity during welding. The welding process must rely on flux protection or gas protection, such as submerged arc welding, CO2 gas The solid wire used in shielded welding and some of the flux-cored wire used in CO2 gas shielded welding; another type of welding wire does not require external gas or flux protection during the welding process, and only depends on the alloy elements of the wire itself and the reaction at high temperatures To prevent the intrusion of oxygen, nitrogen and other gases in the air, and to adjust the metal composition of the weld, this type of welding wire is called self-shielded flux-cored welding wire, which is a new type of welding wire with great development prospects.

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