Coil nail types and introduction

- Dec 30, 2020-


Coil nail introduction: Coil nail is composed of a group of single nails and connectors with the same shape and equidistance arrangement. Connectors can be copper plated iron wire. Connectors are connected to each nail in Angle direction with the center line of each nail rod.At present the type of coil nail on the market is different, so the use is not the same in the process of using, different coil nail should be used reasonably according to his own advantages, so as to play its biggest role.

Application: suitable for soft and hard wood, bamboo ware, ordinary plastics, earthwork sand turning, repairing furniture, packing wooden cases, etc.Widely used in construction, decoration, decoration, decoration industry.

Types of coil nails: coil nails include grain nails, steel row nails, code nails, cement steel nails, wood screws.

Striated nail: Striated nail use: no nail head nails, after laying no nail marks, features suitable for advanced decoration industry.

Steel nail: Steel nail features: novel design, unique, with quick efficiency, good engineering quality, widely used and other characteristics, is an ideal replacement for the common round nail.Use: furniture making, sofa, wooden cases, and all kinds of wood products.I want to buy coil nails.

Code nail: K nail, code nail, N nail use: furniture manufacturing industry for sofa, sand release and leather.Decoration industry is used for ceiling, sheet and so on, wooden case industry is used for outer sheet.

The cement steel nail is similar to the round nail in shape, with a slightly thicker head.But the cement steel nails are made of high-quality steel, with the advantages of hardness, bending, can be driven directly into concrete and brick walls.Common specifications range from 7 mm to 35mm.

Wood screws are also called wood tooth screws.More easily combined with wood than with other nails, it is often used in metal and other materials combined with wood.

The use of coil nails is not different from that of traditional nails. They are used for fixing related objects to make them stronger.Above small make up introduced the coil nail family of different types of coil nail use, they are mostly used in furniture, architecture, decoration, I believe you have been through the introduction of small make up of the coil nail use and applicable scope of understanding is very clear!As consumers, we take the initiative to understand the use of these tools and relevant knowledge, not only can enrich our own knowledge reserve, but also can be aware of the need to use such nails, to avoid being cheated.