Common knowledge of gas nail making machine maintenance

- Jul 11, 2019-

1. Do not adjust the work in the machine movement.

2. Keep the machine clean and tidy, the nail mold should be cleaned frequently, do not use the artificial embroidery wire to make nails.


3. After the start, the standby device must be in normal operation before the input handle can be pulled into the line to make the nail. When stopping, the line should be stopped first.

4. keep the nail knife sharp.


5. During the operation of the machine, attention should be paid to the temperature rise of each friction part and the occurrence of abnormal sound.

6. Disconnect the power supply when repairing equipment or appliances.


7. The equipment needs to be changed to apply the original specifications.

8. Regular oil lubrication to ensure good lubrication of all lubrication parts. When using the new machine, it is best to lubricate a lot in 15 days.


9. Do not drive without removing the protective cover.