Common problems and treatment methods of rolling machine

- May 01, 2020-

rolling machine

1. Can't roll out silk or messy silk

The rotation direction of the rolling head is incorrect; the specification of the rolling head is inconsistent with the reinforcement

The sequence of locating sleeve is incorrect; whether the sequence of rolling head installation is correct;

The roller and locating sleeve are damaged;

2. Do not start

Air switch, reversing always stop at closing; power phase loss;

The thermal protector plays a protective role and the fuse is burnt out;

The wiring is off and the transformer is burnt out.

Whether the control circuit contact is damaged or poor.

Check whether the stop start button is loose and the contact of the button is in good condition;

Check whether the limit contact on the front of the equipment is in good condition, and whether the contact, wire and fuse are damaged (the fuse of transformer in and out)

3. No reverse (reverse)

The front travel switch has broken (about 7000 times); the delay relay does not operate;

The distance between the press stroke switch of the press block is not enough, the press block is not pressed in place or is damaged and jammed;

Whether the contact is in poor contact or damaged;

Check whether the front limit contact is not in place, whether the closed point is open, whether the open point is closed and whether the time relay open point is closed;

Check the limit position at the back of the machine, whether the closed point is disconnected, check the point of the line, whether the line is loose, in bad contact, damaged, disconnected, etc;

4. Turning clockwise: peeling, rolling and rewinding anticlockwise

5. The order of changing the inner gasket of the thread rolling wheel: clockwise: thick medium thin, outer gasket thin medium thick;

6. Fine adjustment size: after loosening the six internal angle screws (or three external hexagon screws) behind the thread rolling wheel head, use the adjustable wrench to fine adjust the size

7. Adjust the length of the wire: adjust the stop distance on the double stroke switch

8. Length of transfer skin: adjust and install the square seat on the tool withdrawal shaft

9. Car anti silk

(1) The gasket in the thread roller is installed in reverse order

(2) Button switch up

(3) Turn on the machine and peel anticlockwise. Press the back button on the button switch to roll the thread clockwise and then anticlockwise