Structure and working principle of rolling machine

- May 19, 2020-

nai thread rolling machine

(1) Reinforcement clamping structure

The reinforcement clamping is completed by using the positive and negative screw rotation to drive the clamp body to slide and self centering.

(2) Thread head machining:

Clamp the steel bar, turn the rib stripping thread rolling head and make axial feeding to complete the thread processing. The rotation of the rib stripping and rolling head is completed by the main motor through the reducer at the speed of 50 revolutions per minute. The feeding is completed by the operator pulling the handle to drive the reducer and the rib stripping thread rolling head along the sliding bar through the gear and rack.

(3) Thread rolling wheel:

The thread rolling wheel for rolling thread is composed of three parts, which can be installed interchangeably and formed once for rolling thread.

(4) In and out blades:

Turn on the main motor button, the motor drives the reducer and the rib stripping and rolling head to rotate, the operator pulls the handle to feed, when the thread processing is completed, the travel switch touch plate presses down the travel switch button, reverses and returns to the starting position after the delay, and automatically stops the machine.