Debugging and running of thread rolling machine

- Nov 26, 2019-

1. After the machine tool is installed and positioned, turn on the power and check all electrical systems.

2. Check the main drive system for any abnormal sounds or vibrations such as friction and collision. If you find a fault, stop checking and eliminate it.

3. Adjust the gap between the electromagnet of the vibrating hopper and the weighing iron to ensure that it is between 0.6-1.00mm, so that the hopper supply can meet the normal working requirements of the timing feeder.

4. Adjust the travel of the hopper, slideway and timing feeder so that the system should be free from jams and blockages except for the nails.

5. Debugging of the rolling die. According to the needs of the product, the rolling die must be adjusted. The rolling system is composed of moving mold, static mold, timing feeder and other components. When adjusting the gap between the moving mold and the static mold, loosen it first. Open the static mold pressing plate and the compression nut, and then adjust the bolts to tighten the adjustment bolts by the same amount, so that the gap between the static mold and the movable mold can be reduced until the rolled out nails can meet the required requirements. Tighten the static mold platen nut so that the entire static mold remains stationary during work.

Conversely, the use of adjusting bolts and the gap between the transitional movable mold and the static mold becomes larger, and various processing requirements.

If you need to process the length screws, you can increase the height of the slide rail and the hopper to solve the adjustment to expand the wide processing length range.

6. The timing feeder system is composed of an octagonal wheel, a fork, a slider, a spring rod, etc. installed on the high-axis moving mode. The feeder works mainly to adjust the telescopic stroke and the feeding direction with the moving mold.

7. According to different nail specifications, all molds are different. When replacing the movable mold, loosen the spindle nut and octagonal wheel and tapered block to take out the movable mold, but you must readjust the gap between the static mold and the movable mold.

8. When changing the moving mold, adjust the conical block until the center of the moving mold jumps to the optimal position.

9. Adjust the magnet plate and push the nail plate to the best position (replace the combined nail plate according to the diameter of the nail)