Depth analysis of the working principle of automatic high-speed nail making machine

- Aug 26, 2019-

Any product has its own special purpose nails. In life, it is a very common but indispensable part. According to the use of various industries, the nails are divided into many common nails (ordinary steel nails). Floor nails for high-grade wood floor decoration; steel nails for decoration industry, furniture manufacturing; car seats, staples for wire mesh, etc. Since nails are so widely used, manufacturers will The machines it produces are very important. What is the working principle of a nail making machine? Work efficiency is not high? Is it convenient to operate? These problems directly affect the performance of the nail making machine, the price and the cost and profit of the nail.

The working principle of the nail making machine:

The small nails are made by the round wire of the same diameter as the nail rod, which is made by the straightening, stamping, feeding, clamping, shearing and punching of the nail making machine. Every step in this process is very important.

The punching motion on the nail making machine is driven by the rotary motion of the main shaft (eccentric shaft), and the punching rod forms a reciprocating motion, thereby performing a punching motion. The clamping movement is repeated pressure on the clamping rod by the rotation of the two sides (also the eccentric shaft) and the rotation of the cam, so that the clamping rod swings left and right, clamping the movable nailing mold, and relaxing the wire clamping for one cycle. motion. When the rotating shaft rotates, the small connecting rods on both sides are rotated to reciprocate the cutter boxes on both sides, and the cutter fixed in the cutter box realizes the shearing motion. The nailed wire is plastically deformed or separated by punching of the punch, clamping of the die, shearing of the cutter, thereby obtaining the desired nail cap, the shape of the nail tip and the size of the nail. The quality of the nails in the stamping process is stable, the production efficiency is high, and the operation is convenient. The automation and mechanization of the nail making machine are realized, and the production cost of the nail is greatly reduced. Therefore, the accuracy and structure of the spindle, the shaft, the punch, the mold, and the tool directly affect the forming and precision of the nail.