Development of Rolling Mill

- Jan 11, 2019-

The development trend of modern rolling mill is continuous, automation, specialization, high product quality and low consumption. Since the 60 's, the mill has made great progress in design, research and manufacturing, making the performance of strip hot and cold rolling mill, thick plate rolling mill, high-speed wire mill, H profile Mill and continuous rolling pipe unit more perfect, and the rolling speed of wire mill, full continuous strip cold rolling machine, which is up to 115 meters per second, has appeared. 5500 mm wide plate mill and continuous H-section steel mill, such as a series of advanced equipment. The single weight of raw materials used in rolling mill is increased, the hydraulic AGC, Shape control, computer program controlled and testing means are more and more perfect, and the rolling varieties are expanding continuously. Some new rolling methods, such as continuous casting and rolling, controlled rolling, as well as various special structures to adapt to new product quality requirements and improve economic efficiency are in the development.