Does a set of nail making machines only produce nails?

- Mar 19, 2021-


I have purchased a set of nail making machine production equipment, so does this set of equipment only produce nails?

The established one tells you that this set of machinery and equipment can produce very different products, but nails are very easy to get started, so what else can it produce? Let me tell you one by one:

First, it is possible to produce cement steel nails according to the dismantling and replacement of raw materials, but only halfway through the heat treatment process and galvanizing solution;

Second, according to the disassembly and replacement of fixtures and punching needles, the steel row nails can be produced, and it must be solved by heat treatment and galvanizing. In addition, an automatic nail rowing machine is added;

Third, according to the disassembly and replacement of fixtures and punching needles, wooden nail rows can be produced, and a fully automatic nail rowing machine must be added after the solution of galvanizing;

Fourth, according to the wire drawing machine, it can be drawn into stainless steel wire, which can be used to construct greenhouse vegetables, and can be used for custom-knitting steel wire mesh, etc.;

Fifth, the stainless steel wire drawn out can be made into fine iron wire after being quenched and galvanized, and the wire drawing machine can be modified to produce wire ties for engineering and construction;

Sixth, the stainless steel wire pulled out can be produced through an external thread extrusion machine to produce threaded steel, which can be sold to manufacturers such as cement prefabricated panels.

It is equivalent to saying that buying a set of nail machine machinery and equipment, the future development prospects are great, and its development prospects are also various, all roads lead to Rome, no matter which kind of development prospect you choose, you will eventually move forward. To the road to success.