Fault repair of rolling mill

- Jan 11, 2019-

Because the mill works in bad environment, in the working process, the rolling cooling water encountered the red burning billet rapid atomization, sandwiched from the billet surface shedding iron oxide powder to the surrounding jet, roll through the housing to the rack arch caused a greater impact, so that the mill rack arch inside the window surface, rack arch bottom and so on have different degrees of corrosion and wear Makes it difficult to control and manage the gap between the mill rack and the roller housing, and often appears that the gap between the mill rack and the roller housing exceeds the management limit value phenomenon. The increase of the gap of the arch of the mill exacerbates the working conditions of the main transmission system of the mill, makes the vibration impact of the main drive large, the ingot bite is easy to slip, affects the control of the shape, and has a great impact on the quality of the product.