Features of automatic water tank wire drawing machine

- Jun 10, 2020-

In the existing market, there are two main categories of automatic water tank wire drawing machine, which are: turning water tank wire drawing machine and heavy water tank wire drawing machine. For these two different wire drawing equipment, do you know the difference? Next, we will give a brief description of these two types of products, hoping to help you distinguish them well.

copper wire drawing machine

First of all, let's introduce what they have in common. In fact, these two kinds of automatic water tank wire drawing machines are more suitable for drawing metal wire of smaller specifications when they are used. You should know that no matter what kind of wire drawing machine equipment, its speed control and requirements are very strict in the production process. In other words, in addition to providing very precise speed control, it is also necessary to ensure smooth linear speed.

For the users, if they want to achieve better results in the whole process, they have to use the coolant to assist the heat dissipation. In fact, as far as the fully automatic water tank wire drawing machine is concerned, its take-up part is mainly driven by a motor with smaller power. The main function of the motor is to keep the tension balance of the whole equipment during winding. This is because, if there is a big change in this stage, then in the subsequent winding process, it is easy to have uneven problems.

In addition, when the work of the automatic water tank wire drawing machine is completed, we need to shut down the equipment according to the operation. It should be noted that the bottle valve should be closed slowly and evenly to avoid unnecessary injury. Moreover, during the installation and disassembly of the bundle, at least two staff members shall be present and cooperate with each other.

Finally, when it is necessary to transport the container, we should pay attention to the flexible fixation between the container and the carriage. This is to ensure the safety during transportation as much as possible. In other words, for the automatic water tank wire drawing machine, we need to ensure that it is in good condition.