General problems and maintenance methods of wire drawing machine

- Apr 24, 2020-

The reason for the nailing operation is to have the corresponding nailing equipment, and the wire drawing machine used as the material drawing is of course indispensable, and the corresponding wire drawing die must also be configured for this. In the long-term operation process, the wire drawing die may be damaged, so additional maintenance must be made to ensure its use effect and extend its insertion.

In order to obtain the required form of nail making, the material needs to be drawn. In use, the die wall of the wire drawing die is occasionally subjected to friction and erosion of the metal wire rod, thereby avoiding the occurrence of wear and tear , and further threatening the die hole the quality of. If the repair is not carried out in time, similar problems will be further accelerated, and the increase in repair difficulty will make the mold scrapped, affecting the normal nail-making process.

Therefore, we can only prevent the occurrence of problems by strengthening the daily maintenance of the wire drawing die and performing regular maintenance and repair. Once any slight wear on the die occurs, it needs to be polished in time to restore it to its original state and ensure the smooth production of the material.

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