Hardware mold classification

- Mar 16, 2021-

Hardware mold classification

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1. According to the nature of the process

(1) The blanking die separates the material along the closed or open contour line. Such as blanking die, punching die, cutting die, slitting die, trimming die, cutting die, etc.

(2) Bending mold It is a mold that makes the sheet blank or other blanks bend and deform along a straight line (bending line) to obtain a certain angle and shape of the workpiece.

(3) The drawing die is a die for making the blank of the sheet into an open hollow part, or to further change the shape and size of the hollow part.

(4) Forming mold is a mold that directly replicates the blank or semi-finished workpiece according to the shape of the convex and concave molds, and the material itself only produces local plastic deformation. Such as bulging molds, necking molds, flaring molds, undulating forming molds, flanging molds, shaping molds, etc.

2, according to the process combination

(1) Single-process mold In one stroke of the press, only one stamping process mold is completed.

(2) The compound mold has only one station. In one stroke of the press, two or more stamping processes can be completed at the same time on the same station.

(3) Progressive die (also called continuous die) In the feeding direction of the blank, there are two or more stations. In one stroke of the press, two or two passes are completed successively at different stations. Die for more than one stamping process.

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