How does the nail making machine process the production of steel nails?

- Jul 09, 2019-

Some people may ask, the nail making machine should be very simple to operate, how can we make steel nails? In fact, the general steps of using nail making machines to manufacture steel nails are divided into the following types, we will explain to you, each It is essential to make a complete steel nail from the nail making machine through straightening, cold rolling, cold extrusion and other steps:

The first step is to use the friction wheel of the nail making machine to straighten the curved wire while the wire is being conveyed, and the wire feeding and the straightening action should be coordinated, but considering that in order to cooperate with the following operation process, the wire cannot be kept non-stop. The transmission is such that the wire feed is intermittently transmitted. At the same time, the clamping mechanism is added, which can be relaxed during wire feeding and clamped during the remaining operation time.

The second step is to make the nail cap. The nail we see has a nail cap. When the steel wire is clamped by the nail clamping mechanism, a piece of steel wire is exposed for the cold nail cap, which can be moved or oscillated. mechanism.

The third step is to squeeze the shape of the nail tip through the mold of the nail making machine.

The fourth step, after the extrusion is completed, the cutting mechanism cuts the steel wire, and the quick-return motion mechanism can be used.

In the fifth step, the clamping mechanism is released and the nail is dropped.

In the sixth step, the wire feeding mechanism re-feeds the wire, and the process is repeated to achieve the purpose of automatic nailing.