How Many Kinds of Nail in Our Daliy Life

- Dec 18, 2020-


In our daily life, common iron nail products are basically made of steel wire products such as hot-rolled low-carbon wire rod and cold-drawn wire products through multiple processes. The strength of nails produced by galvanized iron wire manufacturers can generally reach 500-1300mpa. In addition to the general specifications for iron nail products, nail manufacturers will also provide standard and heavy iron nail products.

Suitable for nailing into wooden nail heads. Used for flat nails such as floor nails, furniture nails, and wooden nails. Commonly used in construction and packaging boxes. The head has a large flat surface, and the nails are easily pulled into the wood. Corrugated nails, surface galvanized passivation, bright color, no corrosion, nail riveting, mainly used to fix the bottom of ceramic tiles.

Riding nails are used to fix metal nets, wire nets, structural frames, etc. Triangle nails are a special kind of nails, triangle nails, commonly known as fish tail nails, are mainly used for fixing structures such as sofas and farm tools. Square nails, the nail rod is a square nail, which is mainly used to fix objects that are difficult to rotate, such as repairing wooden boats and bridges. Cement nails are used to nail cement components and concrete brick walls. It is made of high-strength, high-hardness medium and high-carbon carbon structural steel. The length of the series is 19-102mm, and the diameter is 2.5-5.5mm. Shooting nails are a new type of steel nails and one of them. There are ordinary, threaded, perforated, special and high-speed nailing. Nail fixing technology uses nail guns to shoot nails and nails and fix them on different materials (usually concrete or steel). There are many parts suitable for nailing. Calculate the nail fastening process for important parts to ensure safety and reliability. Another type of screw with a screw head is a special type of screw, which is actually nailed by ejection technology, which can be fixed at the end with a washer and tightened with a nut. Nail shooting has become a commonly used steel nail in modern buildings because of its convenience, safety, and reliability.