How to do maintenance work of nail making production line

- Nov 30, 2020-


For nail making machine production line , Maintenance work is very important work , we simply summarize the following nine points:

1  Do not adjust the work in the machine running.

2  Keep the machine clean, the stitching mold should be cleaned frequently, do not use the raw embroidered wire nail.

3. After starting, it is necessary to wait for the normal operation of the machine before pulling the feeding handle to make the nail. Stop the feeding before stopping the machine.

4 Regular checking and keep the nail blade sharp.

5. During the operation of the machine, attention should be paid to the change of temperature rise of each friction part and the occurrence of abnormal sound.

6 Disconnect the power supply when repairing equipment or electrical appliances.

7. The equipment to be replaced shall be of the original specifications.

8. Regular oil injection lubrication, ensure good lubrication of all lubrication parts, when the new machine is in use, a large number of lubrication within 15 days.

9  Do not remove the protective cover under the circumstances of producing .