How to produce a piece of Nail

- Jan 14, 2021-


       It is common to see nail use in our daily life , we would be wondering how does a piece of nail has been produced , check this article you will be known the procedure of nail production .

      With the help of the machine power, the highly durable carbon steel wire is pulled out and placed on the continuously rotating drum. After continuous pulling, the wire that has meet the size is rolled up and cut by the machine into a short bar. Use electromagnets to attract them to the designated machine for nail head and tail processing. Under the action of hydraulic pliers, the pointed tail of the nail is made,and then other end is hammered flat with a press to press out the nail head, and the nail manufacturing is completed.

     In engineering, carpentry and construction, nails refer to pointed hard metals (usually steel), used to fix wood and other objects. Hammers drive nails into objects, as well as electric nail guns and gas nail guns. Because nail can stabilize objects, they hook on them by their own deformation and rely on friction.