How to solve the problem of the nail cap of the nail produced by the nail making machine

- Jul 15, 2019-

 1. No nail cap: This is a common fault. A large part is the reason why the clip is not tight. You only need to replace the fixture. There is also a nail that may be reserved for the nail cap. Too short, adjust the length of the reserved nail.


2. The nail cap is not round: This fault is usually also a problem on the fixture. Firstly, observe whether the countersunk hole on the fixture is round. If it is not round, it needs to be re-drilled. It is also necessary to observe whether the clamp hole is uneven or not. smooth. There is also a possibility that the nail is a problem, or the staple wire reserved for the nail cap is too short, and the length of the reserved nail is adjusted; or the nail is too hard to fail the punch or the cap is unqualified. The nail wire needs to be annealed.


3. Cap thickness: also need to check the fixture, see if the height of the two fixtures is the same, but also whether the fixture can clamp the nail, and then observe whether the counterbore of the fixture has single-sided wear. In the end, it is necessary to observe whether the nail is too hard and the nail cap that is flushed out is unqualified.


4. Nail cap skew: First, see if the center of the two nail knives is consistent with the center of the nail mold, whether the front and rear heights of the nail knives are neat, and whether the countersink positions of the two nail dies are in the same plane. Whether the shell is loose.

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