How to subdivide the work content of the nail making machine

- Mar 04, 2021-

Many people don’t understand how a nail making machine can form steel nails at one time. Here is a brief introduction: feeding, first put the cold drawn wire with a suitable diameter into the fixture according to the wire feeder; clamp; The nail making machine clamps the clamp according to a series of transmission systems such as the camshaft, which is convenient for punching the nail cap; after the cap and the clamp are clamped, the punching needle presses the clamp position according to the promotion of the camshaft, and then breaks through An extreme nail cap; withdraw the punching needle, after the nail cap is broken, pull the punching needle back according to the camshaft; disconnect, in the whole process of the punching needle pull back, the nail knife carries out the actual operation of disconnecting according to another camshaft It is worth mentioning that the disconnection not only cuts the length of the steel nail out of the cold drawn wire, but also cuts out the nail tip. If the work content of the nail making machine is subdivided, that’s it. It’s slower to say. In fact, it can produce more than 300 steel nails per minute. The operation process seems to be another work in human eyes.

After the new nailing machine is installed, it must run for half an hour with no load. This is because the new equipment has not gone through the run-in period when the new equipment is on the scene. The full-load operation actually has the effect of a run-in period. This half an hour must be frequently oiled. Ensure that there is sufficient moisturization for each theme activity location. We must pay attention to lubrication in normal production. The frequency of dripping oil should not be less than three times in each shift. The lubricating fluid is dominated by unsalted butter. Put some unsalted butter before starting, and then start dripping if it is carried out from time to time during manufacturing. Pay attention to whether the tightening screws of each part are loose, because the principle of the nail making machine causes a certain vibration in the nail making machine, then this kind of vibration will likely cause the loosening of the screws in some parts. If it is long-term Ignoring it will cause all kinds of common faults.