Insulation nail structure, type and installation layout

- Jun 03, 2020-

Nail making machine is a very simple equipment, only need to set the model and specifications of the nail, it can be made into shape soon. For the seemingly insignificant small parts like nails, it has a complicated aspect, especially in terms of types and installation arrangements.

Insulation nail is one of many nails. It is mainly used as an anchor for external wall insulation. From its structure, it is mainly composed of galvanized screws, nylon expansion tubes and fixed discs. At the same time, it can be divided into different specifications according to the thickness of the insulation layer. The fixation of the insulation layer needs to rely on insulation nails, but also has strict layout requirements, such as quantity, angle, position and so on.

In general, the number of insulation nails used depends on the shape of the insulation board and the actual situation, and it must also maintain a certain distance from the edge of the base. The installation of insulation nails is as simple as its production, only need to hammer, no special installation tools are needed. Due to the good corrosion resistance and durability of the galvanized screws, and the low heat transfer performance of the nylon material, it can not only play a role in fastening, but also does not affect the performance of the insulation board.

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