Introduction for newcomers of nail making industry

- Nov 20, 2020-

The house construction industry develop very fast in Africa, Nails need are in big demand among the continent and increasing 20% every year. As the local government encourage small bussiness and charge heavy duty for the nails import and as transport and labor cost increasing in nail export country such as China and India. Africa bussiness men now are on the best chance to invest. 

Do you have an interesting nail manufacturing business plan? Are you about starting a nail manufacturing company? This complete nail making business plan template & feasibility report you can use as reference. 

So now we need to consider all the requirements for starting a construction nail manufacturing business. Analyze and make a nail manufacturing marketing plan, then proceed it into action with marketing ideas for nail manufacturing companies.

Some Auxiliary Equipment FOR Whole Process

  • WIRE POINTING MACHINE ( Actully using in factory)

      This machine using in wire drawing process


  • Connecting welding machine

      In case the wire breaks during drawing, you can use the butt welding machine to weld the broken wire together, then continue the drawing. without this machine, if the wire breaks, you need to sharpen the wire head again and do all things from the start.


  • Nail Polishing Machine(for our super fast nail making machine not need)


How To Get Raw Materials? 

  • Normally, you can buy from the local market or steel company. 

  • Steel company sell low carbon iron wire roll Q195, 6.5mm/5.5mm. buy and use a wire drawing machine to draw to the thickness you need. 

  • And if you can't buy nails making wire, we can help to import from China or other near country like south africa .

  • If your quantity huge, better buy a wire drawing machine to draw for yourself using.

    wire drawingWIRE DRAWING MACHINE

How to choose nail making factory location? 

No need to settle down in a big city, we can choose a place near the city, like 30-50km distance. Because a little distance will be cheaper for the rent cost, then our common iron wire nails will be more competitive in the market. Not far will be easy for common nails order transport and guarantee; the delivery timeliness. Anyway, if you have a warehouse or a workshop, you also can start at home also. We are set to services a wide range of cliens in and around our nail making factory. 

How many nail making factory in your country? Do you know how many large or small common iron wire nails manufacturing companies in your country? This is why we spent time and resources to conduct a thorough feasibility study and market survey so as to be well-positioned to favorably compete with all our competitors. 

How to manage nail making business marketing? 

Firstly, you can register your own brand. Then, you can check the market, especially building materials markets, hardware shops. Build sales net with different areas wholesalers, distributors, importers, agents. After building relationships with them, you can make the selling prices depend on their target profit or commission. Meanwhile, you can set a special fund to encourage them to sell more quantity. Also, you can revocation them to adjust the selling teams.