Introduction of Nail Industry

- Nov 28, 2020-

  Introduction for Newcomers of Nail Industry


Wire nail is very well known item, as it is very common product. We can see nails widely use in daily life for fastening purpose. Wire nails are pin-shaped of hard metal or alloy used as fasteners. They are typically made of steel, often dipped or coated to prevent corrosion in harsh conditions or improve adhesion.



Ordinary nails for wood are usually of soft, low carbon or mild steel while those for concrete are harder. in building and construction to carpentry industry There is a tremendous variety of nails, since they are used for so many different purposes.


There had been an erratic growth of the indigenous industry from past years. Because the manufacture of wire nails could be undertaken on a small scale or even on a cottage scale, there is a mushroom growth of nail making units in operation. Future of wire nails will directly depend upon building activity in country. As we know that at many countries are facing acute housing problem. So, now governments are much emphasizing on housing development, which naturally will lead to greater demand of wire nail. Thus, as an entrepreneur this project offers an exciting opportunity to you.


The house construction industry develop very fast in Africa, South America as they use more traditionally building material like woods and iron sheets . Nails need are in big demand among these continents and increasing 20% every year. As the local government encourage small business and charge heavy duty for the nails import and as transport and labor cost increasing in nail export country such as China and India.  The local business men now are on the best chance to invest.


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