Is it Cement Nails are the Steel Nails ?

- Jan 20, 2021-


      Cement nails, commonly known as steel nails, is a kind of nail. They are made of carbon steel. The material is 45# or 60# steel. It is processed by wire drawing, annealing, nail making, and quenching, so the texture is relatively hard. Its function is to nail some harder objects that other nails cannot nail, because the material is very different from ordinary nails, and it is a special nail. Yinchuan cement nails are very hard, thick and short, and have strong chiseling ability.  

   There are many kinds of steel nails, with different shapes, which can be selected according to different purposes and requirements. The main varieties are round nails, flat head nails, flat head nails, square nails, triangle nails, saddle nails, twist nails, shot nails, cement nails, split nails, linoleum nails, and corrugated nails. The product name is generally determined by shape, purpose or nailing method (such as nailing), and also distinguished by whether the surface has coating (such as galvanized nail, smooth nail, etc.). The most widely used and the largest amount is ordinary round nails for general purposes. 

     Because the cement nails are made of very hard materials during the production process, they can be more rigidly embedded in the concrete when they are laid out at the construction site. Therefore, such rigidity is also used in this product. The biggest advantage in the process. 

     In view of the fact that Yinchuan cement nails will not rust during use. Therefore, the service life is relatively long. Because of this, in terms of production, such an advantage is also used as a performance. According to the relevant national standards for production, it is said that the advantage of leading technology is still trustworthy, creating advantages in this use process.