Manufacturing process of iron nails

- May 11, 2020-

new wire nail making machine

The production process of nails is mainly drawing, cold heading, polishing and other processes. The production process of nails is relatively simple. The raw material for nail production is the round steel, that is, the round steel. After drawing, the diameter of the nail rod is pulled out, and then the tail and tip of the nail are made after cold heading, and then polished, which is the finished product. If the nail surface needs to be electroplated or blackened, these processes can be added.

Wire drawing machine (wire drawing machine) is processed into wire with suitable diameter, and then it is made by cutting, punching nail cover with nail making machine, and polishing qualified nails.

Nail making machine is a special term. Small nails can be processed once in the nail making machine.

Polishing machine is to put the processed nails and saw foam and other things in it to stir and rub the nails to make them shine!

The nail making machine has completed the whole process of steel bar straightening, punching nail cover and extruding nail tip.