Nail making machine common faults related to nail caps

- Sep 29, 2019-

First, there is no nail cap: This is a common fault for novices. Most of them are the reason why the clips are not tightly nailed. At this time, only the fixture needs to be replaced. Another possibility is to reserve the nail cap. The nail is too short, but this is not very common. At this time, adjust the length of the reserved nail.

Second, the nail cap is not round: most of the problems of this fault are also on the fixture. Observe whether the countersunk hole on the fixture is round. If it is not round, it needs to be re-drilled. The other is to observe the die hole of the fixture. Whether it is uneven, if it is not flat, then you can adjust it. Another possibility is that it is on the nail wire, or the nail thread reserved for the nail cap is too short. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the length of the reserved nail wire; or the nail wire is too hard to punch out the nail cap. Or the nail cap is not qualified, then the nail wire needs to be annealed.

Third, the thickness of the nail cap: This kind of problem is also necessary to observe the fixture, to see if the height of the two pairs of fixtures has been always, and to see if the fixture can clamp the nail, then it is to observe whether the counterbore of the fixture has In the case of severe wear on one side, it is necessary to observe whether the nail is too hard and the nail cap that is flushed out is unqualified.

Fourth, the nail cap is skewed: first observe whether the center of the two nail knives and the center of the nail mold are consistent, whether the front and rear heights of the nail knives are neat, and whether the countersink positions of the two nail dies are in the same plane, and finally Then check if the mold case is loose.