Nail making machine-process technology of each component

- Mar 19, 2021-

The nail making machine is a device for making all kinds of nails, and its actual nail making effect is immediately related to the processing technology of the equipment itself, so as to ensure the quality of the nails.

     The first is the arc half-warp of the nail making machine equipment, which is manipulated at 1/20 to 1/5 of its diameter, which is also conducive to the whole process of nail forging. The nail making machine also contains the top of the upsetting head and the flange components, and its specifications and appearance must be mastered to prevent the safety hazards of vertical bending of the nails.

     The nails are obtained according to the extrusion molding equipment in the nail-making equipment, so the size of the extruded part blank and the total area of the extruded part must be manipulated appropriately to ensure one-time molding. During the whole process, the cross-sectional transformation of the extruded part should also be observed, which is mainly based on the characteristics of the raw material. The standard tolerances of the nail-making machine equipment should be as loose as possible, so as to ensure the normal operation of the nail-making machine and the quality of the nails.