Notice for after use coil nail making machine

- May 08, 2019-

1. Be sure to handle it gently during operation, and do not drop the equipment;

     2. The tool is returned after the operation is completed;

     3. Turn off the valve of the gas valve and remove the nailing machine;

     4. Organize the trachea and put the nailing machine and tools into the tool cabinet;

     5. Turn off the main switch of the power supply and the main switch of the air compressor;

     6. Place the waste paper boxes and sheets around the work area in accordance with the position of the gauge;

     7. Pay attention to maintenance and repair, and check the lubrication of the shaft lubrication part of the nailing machine every day;

     8. Clean the wood waste in the work area and fixture, clean up the job site, and make a handover record.