Oil circuit inspection operation method-​High-speed nail making machine

- Mar 25, 2021-

Oil circuit inspection operation method-High-speed nail making machine 

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In order to avoid the insertion phenomenon of the metering parts of the oil pipeline, the roller bearing of the high-speed nail making machine is improved. This oil circuit inspection method is specially made, and the specific operation steps are as follows:

1 Loosen all the plastic pipes at the copper joint position indicated by the red arrow in the figure above;

2 The machine is energized and jog, after the oil pump is working, check the oil outlets, the oil flow is under pressure, and the oil output is equal, that is, it is normal;

3 If there is no oil output from any oil pipe or the oil output is relatively small, please replace the metering parts;

4 Machines within three months do not need to be inspected. Machines over three months old should be inspected once every three months. It is recommended that the measuring parts of machines over two years must be replaced;

5 The lubricating oil pump of the machine must use clean lubricating oil. If it is recycled oil, it must be filtered and cleaned before it can be used. However, for the long-term stability of the machine, it is recommended not to use recycled oil.