One of the keys to making a nail—— nail knife adjustment

- Aug 19, 2019-

As the saying goes: Workers must first sharpen their tools in order to do their best. In the process of making nails, the use of nail knives is very important.


The nails are good, mainly the nail knives, the nails are not sharp, the nail tips are not bent, and the nail surface is smooth. These are the functions of the nail knives. The work of the nail knife in the automatic nail making machine is to move the scissors slider when the cam on the left and right side shafts rotates, and the nail knife moves back and forth to the left and right, so that the nail can be cut off.


The adjustment of the nail knife: the adjustment of the nail knife, we can not adjust the nail knife gap too tightly when adjusting the nail knife, and it should not be too wide, otherwise the nail tip will be bent or not sharp, and the nail knife will also be added. Loss. After the new automatic nail making machine is started, the standby device should be operated normally to pull the incoming handle into the line to make the nail. When stopping, the line should be stopped first. The nail knives of the new automatic nail making machine should be kept sharp at all times. The new automatic nail making machine should pay attention to the temperature rise change and abnormal sound of each friction part at any time during the operation.