Points to note when working on a nail nail machine

- Jun 01, 2020-

Nail is a very common kind of hardware accessories, and because there are many types of nails, it is necessary to consider the actual situation when replacing. Take nails in rolls, which are equidistantly arranged in the same shape. Used in construction, decoration, furniture, wood, packaging, automotive and other industries.

Because the nailing machine needs to be used as a nailing machine, when it works, because the firing pin has to do piston movement in the cylinder, it is necessary to add lubricating oil regularly to reduce the occurrence of wear. It is powered by compressed air, and the air contains a lot of water, so the oil-water separator is also one of the indispensable devices, which can make a good effect.

The operating environment of the nailing machine is usually serious, mainly because there will be a lot of dust, so the dust on the surface of the equipment must be regularly removed to prevent the dust from entering and affecting the use of the device.

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