Power off treatment for nail making machine

- Dec 21, 2020-

  No matter it is the nail making machine or other mechanical equipment, in the daily operation will encounter the factory's sudden power cut, how to deal with such a situation nail making machine?

  If the nailing machine encounters a sudden power failure in the production process, the first thing to do is to cut off the power supply of the nailing machine equipment, and understand the reason of power failure, to avoid causing losses.

  Check whether it is due to power supply or equipment failure. If it is due to equipment rather than power supply, check and maintain the nail making machine.

If it is a wiring or power supply problem, such a shutdown generally will not cause any damage to the machine, but also pay attention to the machine's mold damage.

It is also important to remind staff to stay away from machines and equipment while they are working so as not to cause unnecessary damage.