common problems for high speed nail making machines

- Mar 28, 2019-

During the use of the nail making machine, some users may encounter the problem that the produced product has a problem of cracking of the nail tip. If this happens, then we should shut down the equipment in time, then replace the wire, or re-fire the wire to produce new wire, and clean the garbage in the garbage tank to prevent garbage mixing. The problem.

Another common problem is that the nails produced have a certain degree of inclination. In this case, it is generally caused by the degree of wear of the blade that there is a deviation between the left and the right, which leads to a situation in which the left and right are uncoordinated when the nail is made. At this time, we need to re-grind the blade in time, and adjust the operating height and reasonable position of the casing to ensure the normal operation of the nail making machine.

Of course, when actually doing the operation, no matter what problem we encounter, we need to find out the specific reason first. If you want to completely solve the problems in the production process of traditional nail making machine, we recommend using our high-speed nail making machine. Our nail making machine effectively solves the problem of long and short nails, partial caps and nail caps, aircraft heads and hoes. The quality of nails and nails is limited by the structural limitations of traditional nailing machines and the technical level of nailing, high defect rate and waste.