Product Launch——The 3rd Generation High-Speed Nail Making Machine

- Nov 15, 2020-

      After 5 years of research and development, SSS Hardware finally launched its 3rd-generation high-speed nail making machine to the global nail market in the end of September 2020. We're very confident that this new launched machine will help nail manufacturers save energy and make money happily.

high speed nail machine a

    With fierce market competition, rising raw material prices and labor costs, customers are comparing prices while pursuing the excellent nail quality. We spent more than 800,000 US dollars in four years of research. We successfully increased production the machine capacity from 700 to 1100pcs/min. It will bring a huge surprise to nail manufacturers, especially those that produce paper strip nails, D-shaped nails, off-center nails, and small cap coil nails. 

     An ordinary worker could operate 6-8 machines at the same time, by which can reduce the labor cost greatly and it is suitable for many kinds of nail production.  

     And now is your turn to make your choice ! 

high speed nail machine 2