Reasons for high damage frequency of nail machine accessories

- Jun 03, 2020-

Although the nail making machine is not a particularly complicated device, it also contains many accessories, and if any type of damage occurs, the quality of the nail forming will be affected. For such a situation, in addition to trying to avoid damage to accessories, replacement is a direct and effective solution. But it is also quite confusing. The operation has been very careful. Why is there often damage to accessories?

Through analysis, it is generally due to the following reasons: on the one hand, the concentricity of the rebar and the threading head of the nail making machine is not good, so it is necessary to correct the concentricity to improve the problem; it may also be that the reset of the nail making machine is not flexible This situation is more troublesome, you need to remove the head of the thread rolling machine, and then install it after cleaning, oiling and other treatments.

On the other hand, there is a problem with the material of the accessories. There is no way to repair it. You can only replace the accessories to eliminate the fault. If the steel bar is not cut, it will have the same result, which also reminds us that we must use a toothless saw to cut the end of the steel bar to be processed, and then treat it with wire.

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