Refueling and lubrication method of sewing machine

- Jan 11, 2019-

(1) Refueling parts: The oil holes on the nose, the lubrication of the upper shaft and the components connected to the upper axis; the parts in the panel and the moving parts connected by the parts; the lubrication pressure foot pole and the needle rod and the parts connected with them; and the activity of the lower part of the machine board. Wipe and add less oil. 

(2) Maintenance sewing machine should pay attention to: After the completion of the work, the needle into the pinhole plate, lift the foot, but also use the hood cover head, to prevent dust intrusion, start work, first check the main parts, step up the weight of the situation, whether there is a special sound, machine needle is normal, and so on ; After the machine has been in use for a considerable period of time, to carry out a major overhaul, such as the discovery of more worn parts, to replace the new.