Routine inspection of high-speed nail making machine

- Mar 25, 2021-

To ensure the stable performance of high-speed nail making machine, routine inspection is indispensable. Today I will talk about the basic content of routine inspection of high-speed nail making machine.

1. Electrical system

1) Whether the emergency stop button is sensitive and reliable;

2) Whether the motor is running normally, and whether there is abnormal heating phenomenon;

3) Whether the wires and cables are damaged;

4) Whether the function of the travel switch and button is normal and the action is reliable;

2. Control system

Pull out the manual wheel before starting normally;

3. Lubrication system

1) Whether the oil pump is working normally

2) Whether the liquid level of the oil pump meets the specified requirements;

3) Whether each lubrication point is reasonably lubricated;

4) Whether the quality of lubricating oil is qualified;

4. Transmission system

1) Whether the belt tension is appropriate;

2) Whether there are cracks on the surface;

3) Whether the pulley is running normally.

Through the above explanation, I believe you have a clearer understanding of the routine inspection of high-speed nail making machines. If you encounter other problems in the process of using the high-speed nail making machine, you can call us.