Safety operation rules of polishing machine

- Apr 02, 2021-

Safety operation rules of polishing machine

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1. Someone should be responsible for the polishing machine, and it should be checked and refueled frequently to ensure normal operation.

2. Operators must wear protective goggles before they can work.

3. Before starting the polishing machine, carefully check whether there is any debris between the polishing machine and the protective cover, and then start the polishing machine when it is confirmed that there is no problem.

4. If the polishing machine fails or the grinding wheel shaft shakes, it is not allowed to start when the installation does not meet the safety requirements.

5. The replacement of a new grinding wheel should comply with the general safety operation rules of the grinding worker, and must be carefully selected. The grinding wheel with cracks, damage, or the grinding wheel with a poor fit between the grinding wheel shaft and the grinding wheel hole should not be used.

6. When replacing the screws on the grinding wheel, apply force evenly, not too loose or too tight. When installing the grinding wheel, it must be balanced and checked before use.

7. When grinding workpieces or tools, do not use excessive force or hit the grinding wheel.

8. Special grinding wheels for grinding tools are not allowed to grind any other workpieces and materials.

9. It is forbidden for two people to use the same grinding wheel at the same time, let alone grinding on the side of the grinding wheel. During grinding, the operator should stand on the side of the polishing machine, not on the front of the polishing machine, to prevent the grinding wheel from chipping and accidents.

10. The grinding wheel is not allowed to be wetted, and it must be kept dry frequently to prevent accidents when it loses balance after being wet.

11. The grinding wheel is thin and should be replaced in time after the grinding is small.

12. After the polishing machine is used up, the source should be turned off immediately, and the grinding wheel should not be left idling.

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