Significance of raw material processing for nail making process

- Jun 04, 2020-

Although nail making is a relatively simple process, the processing of its raw materials is also a very important part of the entire process. Therefore, when making nails, many processes are designed to process the raw materials. The following will explain this aspect, I hope everyone can realize the importance of raw materials for the nail making process.

The first is the raw material conveying process. The feeding equipment of the nail making machine will convey the raw material to the designated position to avoid production. It is generally in the position of the vertical hydraulic cylinder. In order to meet the required size requirements for nail making, the raw materials must also be cut, and the plate will be intensified.

In order to ensure the perfect shape of the nail head, the nail head needs to be upset, and the remaining raw materials after the processing is also returned and recovered to reduce the waste of raw materials. After a series of treatments, the raw materials have been turned into shaped nails and will be used in various industries.

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