SSS hardware looks forward to traveling with you

- Aug 17, 2019-

Traditional nailing machines have always had various structural drawbacks, resulting in high defect rate of nails, often with long and short nails, partial caps, small ratio of nail caps and ejector pins, even experienced. The daily adjustment and maintenance of workers does not guarantee the quality of the nails. The high-speed nail making machine developed by SSS hardware completely solves the big problem that has plagued countless nail factories! Compared with the traditional nail making machine, our high-speed nail making machine has greatly improved the design of many mechanical details.


 The speed of the high-speed nail making machine up to 760 nails per minute has revolutionized the nail factory. Productivity, improve product quality and reduce production costs, and it is precisely because of this, our high-speed nail making machine is widely acclaimed in the international market. After buyers from all over the world purchase our equipment, more than 95% clients will order again! At present, in addition to Antarctica, we can basically see our high-speed nail making machine all over the world!


Although our nail making machines are very popular, we don't stop innovation, we are constantly improving and trying to deliver better products to our customers. Recently, our newly developed X50 and X150 high-speed nail making machines have been successfully put on the market. After several feedback improvements, it is now fully mature and well received! Compared to traditional nail making machines, our existing high-speed nailing machine series has the following advantages:


1.Shorter stroke (12mm), traditional machine around 100mm

a.stable performance, defective rate less than 1/100000

b.Lower mechanical wear than traditional machine

c.Gripping dies and punches are more durable.

2.The nail length can be well controlled.

a.The machine equipped with sensor for detecting longer or shorter nails

b.Active wire feeding, can ensure straight shank and consistent length, no matter what the wire coil's weight is.

3.Metal scraps can be separated with nails very well

a.Effectively protect the nail conveying belt

b.Ensure the good shape nail head

4. High quality nails: consistent nail head and shank length (tolerance 0.5mm), defective rate 1/100000, which is very good for coil nail collating and strip nail making.

5. Easy operation and high efficient: the machine is fully automatic and runs stably.

6. Low use-cost and tooling cost.

7. Automatic oiling system with oil pump

8. With seven alarming sensors to protect the machine and ensure the nail quality

9. Low maintenance cost

10. Save energy and labor cost


At present, a number of new and old customers have come to our factory to visit the new models and place orders. From machines to factories, from research and development to production, from pre-sales consultation to after-sales installation and commissioning, we strive to achieve the most in every aspect. Let customers experience the warmth of meticulous service, our motto is - let customers make money happy! At the same time, we also warmly invite customers to visit the high-speed nail making machine!