Staple Pin Knowledge

- Nov 24, 2020-


23 Series


Including 23-8, 23-10, etc. Among them, 23 represents No. 23 of the AWG wire gauge (America wire guide).

Nowadays, American Wire Gauge (AWG), Birmingham Wire Gauge (BWG) and British Empire Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) are commonly used.

23 Meaning: on behalf of the wire diameter is 0.561 mm.

8 and 10 are the height of stationery nails respectively.

Stationery nails are generally made of iron wire, which is coated with nickel or nickel-zinc alloy for rust prevention. The iron wire contains Fe C S P Mn Si, and a small amount of Cu, etc. The content of Fe is about 99%. There are many kinds of staple materials, normally are iron, steel and copper.

26 Sreies

26-6 can be made of automatic and semi-automatic. The round wire is about 0.47 and the flattening thickness is 0.42. It is divided into 105 pieces and 210 pieces.

24 Series


24-6 is also called unified needle, the standard of wire diameter is 0.511mm, the height after flattening is 0.39 mm, the width is 0.7mm.

10 needle

Similar to 24-6, shrink by each part.

Staple pin making machine 


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