Summarize the four main points of the coil nail machine

- Sep 18, 2019-

We will see the application of the nail in many places. Its development market is very large, and it also gives the roll machine a good development opportunity. The design of the nailing machine is very precise and the structure is very reasonable. This article summarizes the four main points of the nailing machine for everyone.20190227133024_IMG_2235_mh1551249514226

The first is that the movement of the machining process and the conveying movement of the product are mutually restrained, and the conveying can be stopped during the processing, but it cannot be processed during the conveying process. This is easier to understand. For example, the loading and unloading work of the automatic punching machine cannot be performed together with the punching work.


Secondly, the process movement and the conveying speed of the workpiece are not restricted, and the tool can be conveyed together with the workpiece during the processing, and the conveying speed is not limited, for example, some packaging machines.


The third is that the processing speed of the processing is the same as the conveying speed of the workpiece, that is to say, the product is continuously processed during the conveying process, so the conveying speed of such automatic equipment cannot be too fast, otherwise the processing quality and the processing quality will be affected. The life of the production tool.


The fourth characteristic is that the product is processed in a continuous conveying process through the working part of the machine. This production process can process an indefinite number of products at a time, such as production dryers, surface treatment automatic lines, and the like.