The 4th Generation Nail Making Machine

- Dec 10, 2020-

High speed nail making machine T1000 model specially design for manufacturing high quality nails (such as D type nails, common nails, small head nails, box nails, roof nails and exc. ) with very high speed , every nail is excellent quality like artwork! It completely solve the traditional nail machine weakness of high reject rate nails and slow speed! It also reduce the cost of labor and rent fee of land, the cost will be greatly reduced, and the factory owner if using the machine will receive more orders with high quality and high profit both in demostic and oversea market ! - T1000 is launched by our company as the third generation model, designed to play the nails that length is from 30mm to 88mm and diameter of 2.0mm to 3.4mm, the nail making machine is fully computerized numerical control that can produce 1500-2000 nails per one minute , the production of nails have consistant length and shining appearance . 

The machine use patent design that it is very low noise because nail cutting and nail head forming is not by punching but squeeze forming