The background of the folding machine

- Jan 11, 2019-

In the middle of the 50, in the campaign of great technological innovation, some printing houses made folding machines, which pioneered the manufacture of folding machines in China. February 1968, the Planning Commission and the first Ministry of machinery industry and other units jointly held the "Chairman Mao's book Printing machinery Plan Conference", the Conference decided to expand Hunan Xinshao Printing Machinery Factory (Hunan Xinshao Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. predecessor), fixed-point professional production folding machine. Until the middle of the 80, ZYL01, ZYl02 all and ZY201 to open-knife folding machine has been the leading product of folding machine. In order to solve the contradiction of printing imbalance, the national "75" plan decided by Hunan Xinshao Printing Machinery factory to introduce foreign advanced folding machine prototype and technology, independent development of high-speed folding machine. In the mid and late 80, the factory has developed a ZYH660 hybrid high-speed folding machine and ZYH490 electric knife high-speed folding machine. After the 90 's, China's folding machine development of the Golden Age. Shanghai North Manpower Shun Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. and several other manufacturers have also joined the folding machine research and manufacturing ranks.