The brief histroy of screw

- Dec 09, 2020-

Screws are now widely used in both industrial and daily life.It can be as small as desk glasses, as big as ships and planes.

The origin of screws can be traced back to more than 2000 years ago, which can be called a long time ago, but its real application in the industrial field is less than 500 years ago.

The Ancient Greek scientist Archimedes was the first to describe spirals.The Archimedes spiral is a large spiral contained in a wooden cylinder. Its main purpose is to raise water from one level to another and to irrigate fields.But the true inventor of the helix may not have been Archimedes himself. He may have been describing something that had existed for a long time, and the existence of the helix may have been commonplace before it was recorded.It may have been designed by ancient Egyptian craftsmen to irrigate the banks of the Nile.

screww design

The main use of the Archimedes helix throughout ancient society was to carry water, and no one had ever made it into a fixture.By the Middle Ages, carpenters were using wooden pegs and metal nails to hold furniture together, and by the 16th century, nail makers were producing nails with spirals that held things together more tightly.The traditional nail is gradually transitioned to a screw.

drywall screw

By the end of the eighteenth century screws had become quite common as a fixed part, mainly because a cheap method of production had been developed.Around 1780, screwdrivers appeared in London.Carpenters have found that tightening screws with a screwdriver holds things in place better than hammering them, especially on fine grained screws.

Metal nuts and bolts were first developed as fasteners in Europe around 1550, and were made by hand on simple wooden lathes.

In 1797, Modsley invented an all-metal precision screw lathe in London.The following year Wilkinson produced a nut and bolt making machine in the United States.Both machines can produce general purpose nuts and bolts, which greatly improves the efficiency of production.


In 1936, Henry patented the screw for the cross grooved head, which marked a rapid advance in screw technology.Different from the traditional slotted screw head screw, this design makes the screwdriver automatically centered and not easy to fall off.So it's very popular.As a result, by the 19th century, metal bolts and nuts could be used to make machines and to build houses.

The above is a small screw development process, in fact, not only screws, all fasteners are slow and hard manufacturing process and development process, in order to create a better quality products, these parts in the long history to give full play to their own role, over time and new.

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