The daily maintenance of Nail Making machine

- Dec 18, 2020-

  The nail market is an industry product that is constantly expanding and will not be eliminated. The emergence of automatic nail making machine is a necessary equipment for the nail market. with the equipment production of nail making machine, although it is a fully automatic intelligent equipment, the daily maintenance of the equipment still requires great attention. In the continuous use, the maintenance needs to be continuously enhanced.

  Before using the nail machine equipment, firstly ,the operator should understand the structure and use of the machine, and know where the machine is prone to failure, so as to avoid problems as much as possible. Similarly, before using the nail making machine equipment, we must also understand its handling and installation knowledge. In this process, we must be familiar with the precautions of the machine equipment in order to better maintain and use the machine and avoid damage to our production.

   Special attention must be paid to the handling of equipment. When using a crane to load and unload the wooden box with the machine, you should start from the machine smoothly and put on the steel rope. When moving and unloading, the bottom or surface of the box should not be subject to impact or violent vibration. Do not put the wooden box upside down. When unpacking, check the external condition of the machine, and check whether the vicinity and tools are complete according to the machine packing list. In addition, a strong steel rope must be used to lift the unpacking machine, so that the break of the rope may cause damage to the machine and personnel.