The development history of steel mesh

- Dec 24, 2020-

The development history of steel mesh

 Welded steel mesh, steel mesh, steel mesh, steel mesh, steel mesh, etc. It is a mesh in which longitudinal steel bars and transverse steel bars are arranged at a certain interval and are at right angles to each other, and all intersections are welded together.

    Reinforced mesh is a mesh made by crisscrossing longitudinal and transverse steel bars through binding or welding. It is one of the contents of the Ministry of Construction’s 2005 construction industry key promotion and application of 10 new technologies.

    Theoretical weight calculation formula of steel mesh:

    Theoretical weight of the steel mesh (KG) = the length of the steel used in the steel mesh (M) * wire diameter (MM) * wire diameter (MM) * 0.00617 (φ10 steel bar 0.616539kg/m)

    Reinforced mesh is used in beams, columns, floors, roofs, walls, concrete pavements, bridge deck paving, airport runways, tunnel linings, box culverts, dock floors, prefabricated components and other fields of industrial and civil houses.

    The application of welded steel mesh in my country is still in its infancy. At present, my country's application accounts for less than one-tenth of the total steel consumption. In the early 1990s, welded steel mesh was listed as a key promotion project by the National Science and Technology Commission and the Ministry of Construction, and national standards and regulations were formulated. my country’s infrastructure has developed rapidly, and the state’s investment in infrastructure has continued to grow; implementing the strategy of developing the western region. The country's economic construction has entered a new stage, and the demand for welded steel meshes in infrastructure such as energy, transportation, water conservancy, housing, and municipal engineering will surely increase exponentially. Its market application prospects are very broad; steel welded wire mesh is suitable for factoryization and large-scale production, and is a new industry with high benefits, meeting environmental protection requirements, and adapting to the development trend of construction industry industrialization.


    1. It is the trend of the world's steel industry development to take the road of welded mesh for steel bar construction.

    2. This new form of reinforcement mesh is especially suitable for large-area concrete projects.

    3. The wide and rapid application of cold-drawn ribbed steel bars and hot-rolled grade three steel bars in my country provides a good material foundation for the development of welded mesh. The formal implementation of welded mesh product standards and operating procedures has played a positive role in improving product quality and accelerating the promotion and application.

    4. my country's market has great potential for demand for steel mesh.

    5. The steel mesh is aesthetically pleasing.

    6. my country is a major steel country in the world.

    7. The development of steel mesh in China has already possessed soft and hard conditions.